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As a stone cutter might, I begin all of my art looking, seeking, searching for inspiration. When a bouquet of flowers turn into wings, faces, shadows or motion, I try, or maybe, automatically dig deeper, envisioning what may come from a new brush stroke or change in color and shade.

This I believe is why I don't seem to ever create series works as most of my art is based on emotion, memories and subjects that currently exist before me at that particular moment and can't be reproduced or shifted into a specific box.

Additionally because I am a writer, a great deal comes from the words of description one might elevate when looking at anything life allows you to view. I continually try to encourage people around me to look at images closely, then fly above that image soaring around its structure selecting certain characteristics which speak to them, and when feeling comfortable place what is seen on canvas before their vision shifts once again. J

​​​​​​​​​​​BLUFENGR ART